About the Artist





My aim in painting is to eliminate extraneous visual detail and to paint the feeling, the presence, the humanity.  It is existential. It requires being present in the feeling and the moment, paying attention to the tone, the light, the colour and the content, unbiased by what has occurred to this point and what may come.”     



Judith Cahill is a contemporary Canadian Abstract Artist born in Ontario.  She divides her time living on the West coast of British Columbia and Ontario Cottage Country and is most inspired by what she is surrounded by daily...the earth, the sky, the water and the untouched landscapes.  Current works include non-objective Abstract paintings, Abstract Sea and Landscapes and her Aspen and Birch Tree series, painted using a style morphed from reality. 

Judith uses the versatile nature of acrylic paint and mediums to produce works of art that are derivative or imaginative, spontaneous and dynamic. 

Paintings are exhibited in various venues and galleries and she regularly participates in Juried Art Exhibitions.  
She is an Active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and several other Artists’ Associations.  

Paintings are in private collections across Canada, Europe, Australia and the US.

Curriculum Vitae: 

BA.d, CMT, CBTP, FCA. Primarily a self-taught artist with various courses, workshops and programs in visual art, art practice and art history,  Durham College, Trent University, Fleming College, Haliburton School of Art & Design.


FCA, Active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists      
North Vancouver Community Arts Council      
West Vancouver Community Arts Council        
North Shore Artists' Guild          
East Central Ontario Artists' Association